About Us

Who we are

Woolton Community Life – Befriending Service

Woolton Community Life came about as Dr George Kuruvilla, a local GP, realised that our communities are becoming more fragmented. In Woolton we have a high proportion of retired people, with many people living alone and often immediate family have left the area to find work.

Under direction from Dr Kuruvilla the churches, community organisations, medical professionals, and local residents started Woolton Community Life to see how we can bring people together.

Our Aims

  • To reduce loneliness for the benefit of those individuals in the local community that frequently have limited opportunities for wider friendships or networks beyond family.
  • To make improvements to the lives of individuals, many of whom are socially isolated and lonely.
  • To increase opportunities for members of the Woolton community to work together and promote community cohesion.
  • To promote equality and diversity in the community by removing known barriers which increase exclusion

Our Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees provides us with a breadth of experience and expertise. Trustees contribute their time to help set and oversee the strategic direction of Woolton Community Life.

The board’s principal responsibilities include determining the overall strategy, policies, direction and goals of Woolton Community Life; protecting and promoting the identity and values of the charity; and fulfilling our statutory responsibilities.

  • George Kuruvilla (Chair)
  • Pam Cottrell (Treasurer)
  • Anita Lloyd
  • Derek Harold
  • Mohan Samant
  • Bill Bethell
  • Katrina Walker
  • Ashton Tansey
  • Frank Shotter