About Us

Who are Woolton Community Life?

sidebarWoolton Community Life came about as Dr George Kuruvilla, a local GP, realised that our communities are becoming more fragmented. In Woolton we have a high proportion of retired people, with many people living alone and often immediate family have left the area to find work.

Under direction from Dr Kuruvilla the churches, community organisations, medical professionals, and local residents started Woolton Community Life to see how we can bring people together.

Woolton Community Life is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the following aims:

  • The relief of persons in need in the Woolton area of Liverpool and it’s surrounding vicinity who may be socially isolated or lonely. In particular but not exclusively by the provision of support, advice and other services to assist them in their independent living, relieve their social isolation, promote their good health and improve their quality of life.
  • To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit. In particular by
    • encouraging understanding of people from diverse backgrounds, including different ages, nationalities, gender and other characteristics.
    • increasing or co-ordinating opportunities for members (individual and organisations) of the Woolton community to work together

Registered Charity Number 1159642