Woolton Community Life discussed in Rio!

Dr Kuruvilla was delighted to attend the World Congress of GPs held in Rio in November. He presented a poster which highlighted how the elderly are particularly vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness due to loss of friends and family, mobility issues or financial difficulties. He explained how the work of Woolton Community Life is alleviating this and shared feedback from those who are enjoying visits from a befriender, such as “feel more confident”, “feel closer to other people” and “more motivated”. ┬áThe study is ongoing to examine how these positive results are translated to effects on physical health and wellbeing.

Dr K with Professor John McKnightDr Kuruvilla in Rio

Dr Kuruvilla with Professor John McKnight (left)who is the Guru of Asset Based Community Development and (right) the Poster that was presented at the World Congress of GPs showing evidence gathered from the assessment of the Beneficiaries which is ongoing.

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